Research Volunteer @ Alaska SeaLife Center


We have various areas of research at the Alaska SeaLife Center, please review the descriptions below to see which you may be interested in. 

  • Coastal Marine Research - Our lab has projects that focus on coastal ecosystem health, microbiology and various aspects of eider physiology. You will participate in various routine laboratory tasks such as: labeling tubes, washing dishes, organizing samples or paperwork, data entry. Volunteers will also learn basic research techniques and the use of scientific equipment that will vary depending on active projects. Research activities may include: running blood serum samples for biochemistry analysis, egg dissections, DNA extractions, bivalve dissections and biochemical analysis of bivalves. Other techniques may be taught based on skill level and active projects.
  • Marine Mammal Research - Chiswell Remote Monitoring Project - The Center’s longest running Steller sea lion research project. Using remotely controlled video monitoring equipment, Chiswell volunteers will assist with behavioral and population studies of wild Steller sea lions, conducting data entry and processing in MS Excel and Access. These positions do not include direct interactions with animals but do involve real-time video monitoring.


This job is open at the following location:

Alaska SeaLife Center- 301 Railway Avenue - Seward, Alaska, 99664