Aquarium Husbandry Fellowship @ Alaska SeaLife Center


Position requirements: 30 hours per week in husbandry/10 hours per week supporting front of house operation of ticketing and interpretation

The Aquarium Husbandry Fellowship participant will be introduced to basic animal care and husbandry techniques by assisting aquarium staff in daily care and maintenance of the Center’s fish and invertebrate collection, and life support systems.  Our goal is to build on the individual’s current education and background with new practical knowledge and skills which may prove useful in a career in aquatic animal care.  Under guidance of Aquarium staff, the Fellow will be trained in and expected to perform the following duties:


  • Care for Alaska fishes, invertebrates and algae in exhibit settings and holding tanks.
  • Recognize animal diet needs and assist with daily diet preparations and feeding marine organisms.
  • Assist Aquarium staff with routine cleaning of exhibits and visitor areas, food prep room, and service areas.
  • Assist Aquarium staff in development and installation of new aquatic displays.
  • Monitor water system conditions using standard water quality measuring instruments and techniques. 
  • Assist the Aquarium staff with specimen collections in the field and assist with field monitoring for invasive species.
  • Learn to recognize Alaska marine algae and animal species and their natural history. Deliver such information to visitors in our galleries and behind the scenes.  Also, train for and deliver short animal care and animal encounter programs to small groups.
  • Maintain current and accurate records on animal health and behavior.
  •  Assist at the ticketing counter or with Interpretation as assigned


This job is open at the following location:

Alaska SeaLife Center- 301 Railway Avenue - Seward, Alaska, 99664